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September 17, 2014

Why Cisco7200 is better than Cisco3800

Cisco3800 series extends Cisco Systems dominance in the provision of multiservice routing. This series offers the network agility, intelligence and performance that customers need in the evolving business and network challenges. This series integrates adaptive services, advanced technologies and secure enterprise communications for 192.168.l.l. The new routers reliable pocket delivery and performance which is necessary to deliver critical network capabilities such as business video, VoIP and collaborative communications.

Cisco7200 Series comes with modular and upgradable CPU. The series also features hardware based engines. These features enable the series to meet flexibility and performance demands from 192.168.l.l customers. The series has evolved with the introduction of 1-Mpps-capable NPE-G1 processor. This includes several hardware and software enhancements as well as pre-installed Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

This series also offers several connectivity options. Most of these options are not supported on Cisco3800 series. These options include packet over SONET, FDDI, Channeled T3/E3, ESCON, SS7, OC-3 Circuit Emulation, DPT OC-12 and T3/C3. This series targets small as well as established enterprises that require high connectivity and better performance.

Cisco7200 comes with routers that require several high speed connectivity or high density of mid speed connectivity such as corporate headend sites and aggregation sites. Unlike Cisco3800, Cisco 7200 has both Digital and Analog Dial. The series also comes with Direct IBM Mainframe Connectivity and High-speed performance Concentration. The series also has multiple 192.168.l.l ports.